AFCA Membership


With Membership comes great opportunity. I’m pretty sure I’ve heard that somewhere before...

FULL‐MEMBERSHIPS (both foreign and domestic) receive the following:
HOUSEHOLD‐MEMBERSHIPS receive: Household‐memberships do not receive a subscription to our magazine and must be living at the same physical address as a Full-member.

JUNIOR‐MEMBERSHIPS receive: Junior‐memberships are ONLY available to applicants living in the USA and under the age of eighteen at the time the application is submitted.


Whether you are a new collector or a well‐seasoned veteran, there is room for you in the AFCA. Joining entitles you to printed copies of our bi‐monthly magazine for the remainder of that year. Back issues of magazines are also available for purchase from our printer and in a PDF format online. Please read all information below regarding the options available to you in joining the AFCA.

Click below for a printable membership application:

Choose your online membership option below and pay through PayPal. You will be required to fill out an online application for the AFCA. Once you have filled out your application, you will need to complete the process by choosing PayPal and checking out. Please follow all the steps until you are notified that you have successfully completed the process:


What should I expect after printing out and mailing in an application and payment or applying and paying online through PayPal?

First of all, remember that registering on our forum as a Guest does not give you access to certain areas of the site or allow you all permissions within the forum. We do not have a system that automatically gives you membership status on the website or in the forum. We have to do it manually. If you need your status changed from Guest to Member and it has been a few days since you payed for your Membership for the year, please contact us using the information on our Contact Us page to have your status changed.

Online applications are processed Saturday of each week, which means if you joined online on a Sunday, it might be an entire week before we can get your application processed, your status changed, and allow you into our password protected areas of the website and allow you access to features in our forum.

It also takes us a few days to verify that your payment has been cleared through PayPal, or that your check has cleared, you are who you say you are, etc. and to get you activated. Please be patient.

We are all volunteers. Things are not always completed instantaneously, so please be understanding.

Last, but not least: Once you become a paid Member, the username and password you receive to log into the forum is NOT the same as the username and password used to get into the other password protected areas of our site. The username and password needed to get into the wiki, and to view back issues of the Fan Collector magazine, is printed in our bi‐monthly magazine that you will receive after becoming a paid, verified member of the Antique Fan Collectors Association. The username and password used to get into the forum will be sent to you upon us completing your membership registration. They are different. Your forum username and password are unique only to you so that you can be identifed when posting in the forum.

If you need to get into our wiki or view back issues of the Fan Collector magazine prior to receiving your first, printed copy of our magazine, but after becoming a paid, verified member, then please contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.